Apply for an Ākāśa Award!
We would like to make sure that Ākāśa Awards go to those of you benefitting most. We will ask you a few very quick questions about why you would like to become an Ākāśa changemaker and might require an Ākāśa Award. Please consider others and whether you really need an Ākāśa Award before deciding to apply.

Applications that demonstrate commitment to becoming an Ākāśa changemaker and a need for an Ākāśa Award will be added to a monthly lottery. We will contact everyone drawn from this lottery on the first working day of the following month. If unsuccessful, your name will automatically be added to the following month's lottery.
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Basecamp is designed for young people aged between 18 to 30. However, if you are younger or older, we will contact you to see whether you can still benefit from our course.
Q1. Why are you passionate about becoming an Ākāśa change maker? (Max. 800 characters) *

Q2. Why would you like to apply for an Ākāśa Award? (Max. 800 characters) *

Q3. Please share a short note of gratitude to someone who made it possible for you to be where you are today. (Max. 800 characters) *

You can submit your answers to these questions in a short video, if you prefer. Please make sure the video is no longer than five minutes.

Where did you hear about us? *

We cannot wait another generation. Young people today are the best hope for the future of our world. (Greta Rossi, Chief Empathy Officer of Ākāśa Innovation)

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